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Chineseathome’s 2009 round-up

Friday, December 25th, 2009

2009 was a busy and harvest year for Chineseathome, as we not only enriched our lesson contents our students love, but also developed new features and applications that satisfy their learning needs. After looking back at the lessons, teachers’ review, students’ feedback and feature updates, we’ve assembled a review of all the things we brought you in 2009.

Chinese Characters course was added with new contents (basic conversational phrases and sentences) and renamed as Conversational Chinese for Beginners. This course is the ideal transitional course for students who have finished their Pinyin studies.

Bundled course booking enables students to book their lessons at fixed time in a certain period of time.

In ViSR, Students can now take the lessons with their teachers through live web camera without using any third party software. The photo display area is replaced with video screen if web camera is in use.

Online Chinese assessment database are added with more questions which are based on mock HSK test. And the listening part will be available soon.

Chineseathome offers one-many Chinese learning program (group learning). If some students were not included in an existing lesson, the teacher could also invite the student to attend in the middle of the class.

Our Chinese teachers write their blogs about their teaching experience, Chinese culture, Chinese language and traditional Chinese stories.

Audio integration allows students to communicate in virtual classroom with different audio software such as Skype, Gtalk, telephone and cell phone. They can choose any of the above mentioned software no matter what others use.

16 Chinese teachers with 7, 8 years Chinese language teaching experience have joined Chineseathome. Some of the teachers have worked or studied abroad for several years with a comprehensive understanding of both Chinese culture and western culture.

North China Institute of Science and Technology and Chineseathome establish internship base for the students majoring in teaching Chinese as a second language in NCIST. The students will not only receive the training from Chineseathome’s experienced teachers, but also have the opportunities to participate in the course design with the Chinese linguistic experts.

Although Chineseathome gradually gain its reputation among Chinese language learners, we had a wonderful 2009 to flesh out new content, as well as the increasing needs of the students. In 2010, we planned to bring you the greatest comfort to study Chinese at home with more informative content and new applications.

Chineseathome’s latest feature update – Online group learning

Thursday, December 24th, 2009

Chineseathome released a new feature for students to have lessons in one virtual class room. Now one teacher can teach several students or in small groups with the best audio and video quality. The feature is a big step toward being able to cater needs for those students who want to enjoy the class interactiveness with others and supplement Chineseathome’s teaching diversities.




Useful Chinese words and expressions in socer

Monday, December 21st, 2009

Football or Score is the most popular sports all over the world. It is written as 足球 zú qiú in Chinese.

I will introduce some basic Chinese words in Football and the Chinese names of the famous clubs in Europe.

Some useful expressions in Football 与足球相关的常用词语

half-time interval 中场休息
group round robin 小组循环赛
extra time 加时赛
elimination match 淘汰赛
injury time 伤停补时
one-sided game 一边倒的比赛
disqualification 取消比赛资格
match ban 禁赛命令
doping test 药检
draw / sortition 抽签
send a player off 判罚出场
red card 红牌
yellow card 黄牌
goal 球门,进球数
draw 平局
goal drought 进球荒
ranking 排名(名次)

Chineseathome’s latest feature update – bundled course booking

Friday, December 11th, 2009

Chineseathome now develops another feature to book lessons for those who have fixed time to learn Chinese. Unlike the flexible course booking feature, the new feature allows our students to book their lessons at certain time each day within a period of time. For example, a student could schedule his or her everyday 11am lessons from Dec. 11 to Dec. 22 at a time. During the booking process, the unscheduled lessons could also be excluded from the booking list.

With the help of this application, our corporate customers benefits greatly from it. They do not have to book their lessons repeatedly, but simply set their Chinese learning schedule from Monday to Friday.

Chinese teachers’ Blogs are available now!

Tuesday, December 8th, 2009

This week Chineseathome offer Chinese teachers’ blog registration for our language teachers. They write their teaching experiences, teaching methods, language learning points, and knowledge about China on their blog. We hope this will help Chinese language learners know more about our teachers’ teaching style, personalities and knowledge background.

Please view our Chinese teachers’ blog from the list below or at “updated blogs” column.

Eira Gao
Sophie Song
Vivian Wang
Susan Zeng
Amelie Chen