Useful Chinese words and expressions in socer

December 21st, 2009 by Bob Liu

Football or Score is the most popular sports all over the world. It is written as 足球 zú qiú in Chinese.

I will introduce some basic Chinese words in Football and the Chinese names of the famous clubs in Europe.

Some useful expressions in Football 与足球相关的常用词语

half-time interval 中场休息
group round robin 小组循环赛
extra time 加时赛
elimination match 淘汰赛
injury time 伤停补时
one-sided game 一边倒的比赛
disqualification 取消比赛资格
match ban 禁赛命令
doping test 药检
draw / sortition 抽签
send a player off 判罚出场
red card 红牌
yellow card 黄牌
goal 球门,进球数
draw 平局
goal drought 进球荒
ranking 排名(名次)

Personnel in Football match 足球人员

coach 教练
head coach 主教练
football player 足球运动员
referee 裁判
lineman 巡边员
captain / leader 队长
forward / striker 前锋
midfielder 前卫
left midfielder 左前卫
right midfielder 右前卫
attacking midfielder 攻击型前卫(前腰)
defending midfielder 防守型前卫(后腰)
center forward 中锋
full back 后卫
center back 中后卫
left back 左后卫
right back 右后卫
sweeper 清道夫,拖后中卫
goalkeeper / goalie 守门员

Football Clubs 足球俱乐部

意大利足球甲级联赛 Italy Seria A
AC米兰 A.C. Milan
My favorite!! Good luck against Man Utd in Champions League. I will definitely watch the matches.
佛罗伦萨 Fiorentina
Forever Batistuta! He is called 战神 zhàn shén (Mars) in China.
国际米兰 Inter
尤文图斯 Juventus
罗马 Roma

英格兰超级联赛 England Premiership
阿森纳 Arsenal
Wenger is playing football manager I guess.
切尔西 Chelsea
利物浦 Liverpool
曼联 Man Utd.

德国足球甲级联赛 Germany Bundesliga
拜仁慕尼黑 Bayern Munich
云达不莱梅 Werder Bremen
My favorite club in Germany.
多特蒙德 Borussia Dortmund
勒沃库森 Bayer Leverkusen
沙尔克04 Schalke 04
沃尔夫斯堡 VfL Wolfsburg
斯图加特 VfB Stuttgart

西班牙甲级联赛 Spain La Liga
巴塞罗那 Barcelona
Best club in the world now with an unprecedented six titles. That is real football.
皇家马德里 Real Madrid
比利亚雷亚尔 Villarreal
瓦伦西亚 Valencia
塞维利亚 Sevilla

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