Snowfall in Beijing

January 4th, 2010 by Bob Liu

Yesterday when I woke up in the morning, looking out of my window, I found that everything was dressed with white snow. I haven’t seen such heavy snowfall for nearly ten years. The snowfall often cause bad traffic, which means I have to spend more on my way to work and home tomorrow. All of a sudden, I was excited about yesterday’s snow and retrieved something I lost.

beijing snow

Kids always love snow, because they can have a snowball fight or make a snowman, and more importantly, they do not have to go to school (Students in Beijing primary and high schools have one day off). Whenever it snowed, school authority organized us to clear the snow, which means we could have some fun after the work. I still remember my happiness when playing with snow though with the freezing hands and face. I liked stepping on the softening snow and left my footprints, while my mom always asked me to follow her. As I grown up, the snow is no longer that big, and I do not have the special fancy for it.

Here are some useful words, expressions and idioms concerning snow. Hope you enjoy it!

下雪了!xià xuě le
It is snowing!

snow in beijing

这场雪很大。zhè chǎng xuě hěn dà
It snows heavily.

heavy snow in beijing

我喜欢下雪 wǒ xǐ huān xià xuě
I like snow.

雪花: snowflake
雪球: snowball
大雪: heavy snow
雪崩: avalanche
暴风雪: blizzard

Chinese Chengyu about snow:
雪上加霜 (xuě shàng jiā shuāng) to add frost to snow, which means one misfortunate after another.
雪中送炭 (xuě zhōng song tàn) to send charcoal in snowy weather which means to give timely assistance or help.

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