Learn Chinese Synonyms: “美丽” and “漂亮”

December 28th, 2009 by sophiesong

Chinese have so many synonyms. And synonyms are difficult to foreign students.

For example:

“美丽”, “漂亮”

1. As adjectives, the two words both indicate good-looking, but are different in usage. when a woman is referred to, both “美丽” and “漂亮” can be used, but when a man is referred to, only “漂亮” is used.


2. When a thing is referred to, “美丽” is mostly used for something abstract while “漂亮” for some thing concrete.

美丽的传说  美丽的心灵  美丽的幻想

我买了一件漂亮的衣服。 盖了一幢漂亮的大楼。

3. “漂亮” can also be used figuratively to indicate “brilliant” or  “excellent ” or “wonderful”.


4. “漂亮” can be used in germination like “漂漂亮亮” but “美丽” can not

5. “美丽”is mostly used in writings while “漂亮” in spoken language.

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